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Quiet Operation

The #1 concern of most end users beyond basic functionality for vacuum supply is noise. If your equipment requires low vibration or ultra-low noise characteristics to meet or exceed customer needs, VACUUBRAND pumps are often the optimal choice.

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Long Service Cycles

With service intervals in excess of 15,000 hours (continuous use), our vacuum pumps provide a low maintenance solution for your service team and end users with respect to your equipment’s vacuum supply. Smart on-demand control increases service life well beyond competing pump technologies.

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Compact Design

Powerful pumps in a small package provide vacuum depth and flow rates comparable or better than larger-sized competing pumps allowing for easier vacuum supply integration into your design.

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Chemical Resistance

Dry chemical resistant vacuum pumps enable use in the most harsh of environments, ensuring long pump life for corrosive environments. If chemical resistance is of concern for your equipment’s vacuum supply, consider VACUUBRAND dry chemistry pumps.

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Automated Control

Vacuum systems with VARIO® technology provide variable speed motor control of pumps ensuring optimal, on-demand vacuum levels that are automatically responsive to application needs.

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A History of Quality and Innovation In Vacuum Technology

For over 50 years, VACUUBRAND has been an innovator in vacuum for laboratories and OEM instrumentation. Our products range from small pumps for simple applications, to larger pumping systems with integrated electronic controls.
Since its founding, VACUUBRAND has been committed to product innovations that reduce electricity use, minimize oil and water use, and control release of exhaust vapors from vacuum applications. Our manufacturing processes minimize waste generation, collect 32 classes of production by-products for recycle, collect rainwater for process and sanitary use, capture process heat for building use, and rely extensively on natural lighting for factories and offices. At VACUUBRAND, sustainability is our way of life.

Our People

Trust your equipment's vacuum supplier.

Application Experts

An array of accomplished scientists and engineers who have worked in a variety of lab environments, who regularly review new applications. This allows us to pull from our breadth of technical and applied knowledge to identify the optimal vacuum solution for our customers. Learn More

Designers & Engineers

Engineering and design teams with decades of experience in countless vacuum technology designs. This ensures an efficient and thorough understanding of your vacuum application needs, what to consider, and what is possible when specifying a vacuum source. Learn More


Manufactured in conformity with ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 standards, vacuum pumps are factory-tested for hours to days, confirming specifications and reliability on an automatic test stand. This ensures that vacuum pumps are manufactured to match our exacting engineering standards. Learn More

Technical Support

A support team readily available to review technical issues, and speak to your customers directly, if necessary, regarding vacuum supply concerns. Close connections to the rest of the VACUUBRAND organization ensure prompt and accurate assessments and corrective actions. Learn More


These are just a few of our supported applications.

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